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  3. Panthera has been designed from the very beginning to be available with either electric engine, hybrid propulsion or petrol engine - in this case, Pipistrel decided for Mogas fuel due to lower price and better availability in several parts of the world comparing to Avgas. It is important to highlight Panthera's key outstanding characteristics
  4. EASA's Head of Certification, Trevor Woods tries the Panthera at AERO Friedrichshafen, photo courtesy of Pipistrel. Flying is also reporting that the base price for the Pipistrel Panthera is expected to be about $480,000. 1 Featured Image: courtesy of Pipistrel

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PANTHERA EASA TC CS-23 Amdt 5 - product launch in 2022; PANTHERA HYBRID Non-TC Factory Finished - under development; PANTHERA ELECTRO Non-TC Factory Finished - under development; TEHNIČNI PODATKI - PIPISTREL PANTHERA. Panthera; MOTOR: Lycoming I0-540V-V4A5: največja moč : 260 hp / 194 kW: WEIGHTS AND DIMENSIONS: max take off mass, MTOM: 1315 kg / 2900 lb (subject to extension to 1360. EASA : OEM Verification: Un-Verified : Max Cruise Speed (ktas) 202 Pipistrel Panthera. The Valuation report will be made available in your account within the next 24 hours Valuation Request. Selling an aircraft? A VREF Verified Report builds your understanding of what your aircraft is worth in the current market. Having your list price backed up by an independent pricing authority specific. Panthera Evolves as EASA Certification Nears. Since the first flight of the prototype in 2013, Pipistrel has incorporated more than 200 design changes into the sleek Slovenian four-seater Das Leergewicht der Panthera ist mit nicht einmal 700 Kilo erstaunlich niedrig! Es ist offenbar der großen Erfahrung geschuldet, die man bei Pipistrel mit Kunststoff hat - und mit dem tief in der Firmenphilosophie verankerten Streben nach Effizienz. Eine Cirrus SR22 ist locker 300 Kilo schwerer. Reisemaschine: Die Kabinenhöhe

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Pipistrel obtains first ever Type Certificate for an electric aeroplane from EASA The Pipistrel Velis Electro is the world's first fully electric aeroplane ever to receive type certification. The two-seater, intended primarily for pilot training, is a game-changing aircraft in terms of technological innovations and cost-efficiency Die Panthera ist ein viersitziges, einmotoriges Leichtflugzeug des slowenischen Flugzeugherstellers Pipistrel

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The aircraft is powered by the first certified electrical engine, the E-811-268MVLC, certified by EASA for Pipistrel on May 18, 2020. The type certification of the Pipistrel Velis Electro is the first step towards the commercial use of electric aircraft, which is needed to make emission-free aviation feasible Proprietary document. Copies are not controlled. Confirm revision status through the EASA-Internet/Intranet. An agency of the European Union TYPE-CERTIFICATE DATA SHEET NO. EASA.A.573 For Type Virus SW 121 Type Certificate Holder Pipistrel Vertical Solutions d.o.o. Vipavska cesta 2, 5270 Ajdovščina Slovenia, Europe For models: A) Virus SW 12 Due to this and the fact that Pipistrel had made the decision to use Mogas (automotive gasoline) as it is lower prices and pollutes less (no lead), we were forced to switch to IO-540-V, which is already certified also for the Mogas, even though the Panthera does not need a stronger engine. Since it doesn't need this additional power, it will fly at very low power settings and consumption will.

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  1. Pipistrel is proud to announce that after long months of reorganisation of the company, employing more engineers, obtaining and updating a lot of hardware and software and with excellent help and cooperation from EASA, we joined the small and elite group of European companies, certified for aircraft design
  2. The Pipistrel Panthera is a lightweight, all-composite, highly efficient four-seat aircraft under development by Pipistrel of Slovenia. The gasoline-powered version of the Panthera is intended to cruise at 202 kn (374 km/h) for over 1,000 nmi (1,852 km) with a 10 US gph (37 lph) fuel burn
  3. Pipistrel Vertical Solutions d.o.o. Vipavska cesta 2 5270 Ajdovščina Slovenia Design Organisation Approval No.: EASA.21J.524 3. Manufacturer Pipistrel d.o.o. Goriška cesta 50a 5270 Ajdovščina Slovenia Production Organisation Approval No.: SI.21G.0002 4. Date of Application 28 December 2017 5. EASA Type Certification Date 18 May 2020 II.

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The Pipistrel Velis Electro is the first EASA Certified electric aircraft and follows the Alpha electro as the second electric aircraft available to buy from Pipistrel Andorra / A4Aviation. Great for PPL training and flight schools, the future of aviation EASA's exemption, which was coordinated between French, Swiss, Slovenian CAA's and Pipistrel, sets forth requirements for Part-66 licenced mechanics, which include a difference training course specific to Velis Electro. Battery overhauls will be initially handled by Pipistrel alone PANTHERA panthera-aircraft.com; PIPISTREL UL . PIPISTREL ; REISEN . Virus SW100 ; Virus SW80 ; VIRUS SW600 D ; Alpha Trainer ; MOTORSEGELN . Sinus ; Sinus NW ; SEGELN . Taurus M ; GEBRAUCHTE ; GALAXY . GRS4 260 ; GRS5 450/472 ; GRS6 473 SD ; GRS6 600 SD ; FLIEGEN . NEWS ; ÜBER UNS ; FLUGSCHULE ; RUNDFLÜGE ; Home FLIEGEN NEWS SW 121 - EASA Type Certified. SW 121 - EASA Type Certified. Permit. Kostenlose Lieferung möglic

Pipistrel Velis achieved EASA certification. Pipistrel will deliver the first 31 Velis Electro to customers in seven countries in 2020. AlpinAirPlanes GmbH is very proud to be given the great opportunity by Pipistrel to be part of this game-changing journey, said Marc B. Corpataux, the launch customer for the Velis Electro. With more than 400 flight hours and 25 pilots introduced to. SW 121 - EASA Type Certified + Permit-to-Fly war gestern: die ersten Virus SW121 mit Type Certificate fliegen nun in Deutschland! Mehr; ALPHA Trainer Tuning + Bereits ab Werk (oder zum Nachrüsten) gibt es für den ALPHA eine Vielzahl von neuen Optionen: Radverkleidungen, Ledersitze, Garmin 795, PowerFlarm, ELT, Beringer-Fahrwerk Mehr; Hoher Besuch bei PIPISTREL + Im Rahmen eines. Pipistrel Panthera: Sleek, Stylish, Fast. But still at least year to go for certification. It bests the SR22 in speed with middling payload. Only diesels top its efficiency. By. Paul Bertorelli - Published: October 20, 2020. Print. Email. Facebook. Twitter. On The Cover: That's the attention-getting Pipistrel Panthera. With retractable gear, a beefy Lycoming engine and slick modern styling, it. Pipistrel Panthera Expected To Earn EASA Certification Soon The Pipistrel Panthera is currently expected to have close to a 200-knot cruise speed. At AERO Friedrichshafen earlier this month, Slovenian aircraft manufacturer Pipistrel showed off their four-seat Panthera aircraft, sporting a new Lycoming IO-540 aircraft engine 2020 Pipistrel Panthera is simply the best light airport aircraft on the market. It's sleek T-Take design is unique, aerodynamically superior and built with retractable gear and a ballistic parachute. The Panthera is the best 4-seater aircraft according to numerous awards is looking forward to the opportunity to become FAA Certified. The aircraft will carry four people for 1000 miles at a.

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Pipistrel is at the forefront of this change in general aviation - in 2020, their Velis Electro became the first EASA Type Certified Electric Aircraft in the world. Their movement towards electric-aircraft resulted in a range of 9 different experimental and affordable light-sport aircraft (LSA) to change aviation across the globe. Also, the noise pollution issues are a thing of the past with. The EASA Type Certificate (No. EASA.E.234) follows the CS-22, Subpart H, Amdt. 2 standard, and the SC E-1 special condition for Electrical Engine for powered sailplanes, LSA or VLA. TECHNICAL DATA PIPISTREL E-811-268MVL

Home > Pipistrel. Browse 24 aircraft for sale or refine your search for used planes or helicopters below. Showing Results: 1 to 24 of 24. Prev; 1; Next; Show Sort. Featured First; Listing Age (new to old) Listing Age (old to new) Year (new to old) Year (old to new) Make-Model (A-Z) Make-Model (Z-A) Location (A-Z) Location (Z-A) Price (low to high) Price (high to low) Has Photo . Year. Make. Interesting to note, whilst the Panthera has a cutting edge airframe, it will still rely on a 1950's engine up front. I'm sure they'd love to use something a bit more contemporary, but I suspect that all things considered, an IO-390 represents the best option. Sad things haven't moved on, but I guess innovation is the first casualty in an industry that is ultra conservative and devoid of. Pipistrel Gets EASA Okay For Electric Plane. The Velis Electro is the first such approval for EASA. What comes next might be very interesting. By Plane & Pilot Updated August 24, 2020 Save Article. Pipistrel Velis Electra. Advertisement. European aircraft manufacturer Pipistrel has earned European approval for its Velis Electro single. Pipistrel said that the approval was the result of a years.

Up to 10% off a new Pipistrel Panthera! Published September 30, 2020 14:33. Pipistrel Sinus 912 Demo NOW 98.500€ Re-opening Special. Published May 07, 2020 12:05. A4Aviation and Pipistrel Andorra. Published May 03, 2020 11:08. Free Pipistrel Training and flights. Published April 30, 2020 17:3 Panthera; Pipistrel Aircraft Price Configurator. Pipistrel - Engineering the best light aircraft in the world. Welcome to the Pipistrel USA aircraft online price configurator. Some basic instructions to help you get started. There are a number of ways to choose aircraft which you would like to configure. Firstly, you can select the aircraft model directly from the top menu bar and this will. Panthera, the entire story of design, testing and the future. - Duration: 15:55. Pipistrel Aircraft Michael Coates 11,402 view Panthera; Virus SW EASA 121 € 169,500. Virus SW EASA 121 quantity. Add to cart Build your own. Categories: Certified Aircraft, Cruising Aircraft, Training Aircraft. Description Description Virus SW EASA 121 Airframe Specifications. MTOW 600 kgs; 10.71 m wingspan, nosewheel, two-seater aircraft; Outside surfaces in white, cabin interior composite surfaces in grey; Acrylic paint finish outside.

Demonstration of a Pipistrel Panthera doing a 10-rotation spin test, with 3/4 fuel and four people on board. It shows how easily a spin recovery can be achie.. Pipistrel Panthera 4 Seater Aircraft Also see http://youtu.be/cODrRSEF3W

Pipistrel ist ein slowenischer Flugzeughersteller für Ultraleichtflugzeuge mit Sitz in Ajdovščina. Der Name Pipistrel wurde von Pipistrellus, der wissenschaftlichen Bezeichnung der Gattung der Zwergfledermäuse, abgeleitet. Geschichte. Inhaber und Direktor ist Ivo Boscarol, der am 10. November 1987 als erster Jugoslawe eine Privatlizenz zur Produktion von Flugzeugen erhielt. Als Name der. Review aerobask pipistrel panthera v3 first us panthera reas for flight pipistrel docs panthera brochure Pipistrel Panthera CaliforniaPanthera 4 Seater Aircraft Pipistrel Andorra A4 AviationPanthera 4 Seater Aircraft Pipistrel Andorra A4 AviationPipistrel Panthera CaliforniaResurgence Of The Rg AvPipistrel Panthera Prototype Debuts At Aero Friedrichshafen FlyingPanthera Evolves As Easa. 2020 PIPISTREL PANTHERA Call for Price. Get Financing. Reg# Not Listed TT: 0; 2020 Pipistrel Panthera is simply the best light airport aircraft on the market. It's sleek T-Tail design is unique, aerodynamically superior and built wit... More Info. USA Aircraft Brokers Inc- SJ MCKEE. PORTLAND, OR USA (503) 563-3555 . Compare. SAVE Last Update: 11/02/2020. 2018 PIPISTREL ALPHA TRAINER Call for. PANTHERA. Designed by Pipistrel, with its 25 years of excellence in building aircraft, Panthera is a four-seat single engine cruiser. Discover our award-winning engineering philosophy . MORE. APLHA TRAINER. The name Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer describes the exact purpose of this exciting new aircraft designed for Light Sport Aircraft Flying Schools in markets and countries which have the FAA.

Pipistrel Virus SW121 demo aircraft for sale, including towing package, night VFR, Garmin G3X glass cockpit, from Pipistrel Andorra. Available now. Menu; Contact us; For Sale. Taurus Electro G2; Virus SW 121 EASA Certified ; Aircraft Solar Trailer; Travel. Sinus 912; Virus 912; Virus SW; Virus SW 121; Panthera; Training. Velis Electro; Alpha Trainer; Alpha Electro; Surveyor; Gliding. Taurus M. The Pipistrel Velis Electro is the world's first fully electric airplane ever to receive type certification from EASA. The two-seater, intended primarily for pilot training, is a game-changing aircraft in terms of technological innovations and cost-efficiency. Its EASA certification paves the way for the future of environmentally sustainable, emission-free aviation Das spricht für das hohe technologische Niveau und viel Erfahrung im Composite-Bau. Dennoch: Mit FAR/CS-23, also der Zulassung von Normalflugzeugen nach der EASA-Norm, haben die Slowenen keine Erfahrung. Das kommt bei der Panthera noch auf sie zu. Derzeit gibt es Pipistrel-Vertriebspartner in über 40 Ländern. In einigen mehr fliegen die. Pipistrel earns first ever type certification for electric aircraft from EASA Posted on June 12, 2020 ; Pipistrel Press Release After years of intensive research and several successful award-winning electric aircraft models developed since 2007, Pipistrel has achieved a breakthrough feat in aviation history, having type certified the battery powered Velis Electro

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Hey guys welcome to a brand new video. Today we will be taking a look at another 2 very interesting aircraft! We have covered one of these aircraft in a sepa.. On 29-30 November 2017 Pipistrel's Alpha Electro occupied the courtyard of EASA Headquarters in Cologne. Besides the airplane, team Pipistrel brought the powerful 45-minute charger mobile and permanent charging station, capable of charging two Alpha Electros at the same time EASA. Type certificate EASA.A.573 Virus SW 121 Sw121-cert. TC Data Sheet - Noise EASA.A.573 Is.1.0 TC Data Sheet - EASA.A.573 CS-LSA - Virus SW 121 - is.1.0 Intentional Spins Major Change Approval Nr. 10060479 POGOJI ODOBRITVE IN OBSEG DELA PROIZVODNE ORGANIZACIJE 21G (SI. 21G.0002) Night VFR Major Change Approval Nr. 10063230. Rakúsk

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Pipistrel Aircraft Price Configuration. Configure your Taurus M or TAURUS Electro aircraft choosing from hundreds of different option Pipistrel-online is a dedicated training portal for Pipistrel aircraft. Here you will learn all you need to know about flying the aircraft easily using a lot of graphics and animations. This is the only aviation portal that you can learn about flying and operating electric aircraft. It also includes a section where you can download flight simulator models for Pipistrel aircraft and you try out.

As part of the Type Certification, Pipistrel demonstrated that Velis Electro achieves the highest levels of safety, even surpassing those required for conventionally powered aircraft. Velis Electro is a full-electric derivative of the proven Virus SW 121, which is already type certified by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (TC No EASA.A.573) Pipistrel Vertical Solutions, the company's R&D division, holds an EASA Design Organisation Approval and has the capability of bringing a new aircraft design concept from a basic idea into a certified design, ready for production. The division is also developing electric and hybrid-electric eVTOL air taxi and unmanned cargo delivery UAVs, as well as a hydrogen fuel-cell powered 19-seat. SW 121 EASA: US$183,000 (2020) Developed from: Pipistrel Sinus: Variants Pipistrel Velis Electro: The Pipistrel Virus is a two-seat, single engine light aircraft, manufactured by Pipistrel in Slovenia and Italy, and sold as an ultralight, homebuilt kit, or light-sport aircraft. Introduced in 1999, based on the design of the Pipistrel Sinus, the Virus has been produced in a number of variants.

The Pipistrel Panthera is a modern single engine developed by the Slovenian manufacturer Pipistrel. With a cruise speed of about 200 Kt TAS, it makes for fast and economic travel. FEATURES: Realistic simulation of the Dynon SkyView and Garmin 750/650 - no default instruments used. A master piece of art, full custom-coded. Very usable with Touch Screen Operation and full mouse scroll wheel. Pipistrel Panthera is simply the most efficient 4 seater of the world. This beast can cruise at 200 knots while consuming only 15 gal/hours. Panthera achieves unprecedented efficiency through careful aerodynamic shaping, retractable titanium undercarriage or lightweight advanced composite structure SW 121 - EASA Type Certified. Permit-to-Fly war gestern: die ersten Virus SW121 mit Type Certificate fliegen nun in Deutschland! Hoher Besuch bei PIPISTREL. Im Rahmen eines Staatsbesuchs hat Bundespräsident Joachim Gauck - zusammen mit Sloweniens Präsident Borut Pahor - das Werk in Ajdovscina besucht. Hier einige Bilder vom Besuch und die ensprechenden Links... Mehr: Hoher Besuch bei. VIRUS SW 121 IS FOR YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE LOOKING FOR MOST ADVANCED The most advanced and affordable 2-seat EASA Type-certified airplane in its category. The ideal Trainer or Personal Travel Airplane. NIGHT VFR APPROVED Comfortable interior with dual-screen glass cockpit, autopilot, Night VFR capability, with approvals for intentional spinning and glider towing

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  1. PIPISTREL AIRCRAFT . Skyrockers.at ist ihr Partner für alle Flugzeugmodelle von Pipstrel. Von Segler über Ultralight bis zur 4-Sitzer Panthera. Gerne beraten wir sie bei Fragen oder organisieren auch einen Besuch im Werk in Slowenie. Detailierte Informationen finden sie auf: www.pipsitrel.si UNSER DEMO FLUGZEUG: Pipistrel 121 SW Full EASA
  2. Pipistrel Vertical Solutions, the company's R&D division, holds an EASA Design Organisation Approval and has the capability of bringing a new aircraft design concept from a basic idea into a certified design, ready for production
  3. Pipistrel Aircraft, home of the Virus, Sinus and Panthera aircraft for Northern Europe. Skip to main content. Toggle navigation. Sicherheit. Übersicht; Typen. X-Alpha Simulator; Sinus; EASA LSA Virus SW 121 ; Blog. Übersicht; Neues; About us. Mission Statement; Pipistrel Germany; Impressum; You are here: Pipistrel Germany; Typen; EASA LSA Virus SW 121; X-Alpha Simulator; Sinus; EASA LSA.
  4. Pipistrel has achieved a breakthrough feat in aviation history, having type certified the battery powered Velis Electro aircraft. Working in collaboration with the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), Pipistrel demonstrated that its new Velis Electro achieves the highest levels of safety
  5. The Pipistrel Velis Electro is the world's first fully electric airplane to receive Type Certification. It is a two-seater, intended primarily for pilot training. Pipistrel said it type certified its battery-powered aircraft Velis Electro at the European Union Aviation Safety Agency - EASA
  6. EASA has issued a type certificate for the Pipistrel Velis Electro as the first fully electric aircraft in the world. The two-seater aircraft mainly serves for pilot training. This EASA certification is changing aviation and paving the way for future mobility, where environmental sustainability and low emissions are decisive factors
  7. Pipistrel Aircraft Family •Sinus / Sinus Flex •Virus / Virus SW 121 EASA / Virus SW 127 UK •Alpha Trainer / Garud / Alpha 164 UK •Alpha Electro / Alpha 128 EASA •Taurus / Taurus Electro •Apis (SSDR UK) •Panthera 4 Seater EASA •Uber E-VTOL air Taxi Fly About Aviation Inspector Worksho

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Pipistrel is the only company in the world currently selling four different electric aircraft models; the Taurus Electro, Alpha Electro and Alpha electro LC are now being complemented by the EASA type certified Velis Electro. Pipistrel Vertical Solutions, the company's R&D division, holds an EASA Design Organisation Approval and has the. Pipistrel's Velis Electro became the first-ever fully electric aircraft to receive its type certification on Wednesday. According to the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), which granted the certificate, the certification process for the aircraft was completed in less than three years. The Pipistrel E-811 engine used on the aircraft became the first EASA-certified electric [ Pipistrel boss Ivo Boscarol received the type certificate from EASA boss Patrick Ky at AERO Friedrichshafen in April. Boscarol said, This is an important testament to our efforts and a huge step towards Pipistrel's vision to become a renowned designer and producer of certified aircraft The two-seater aircraft intended primarily intended for pilot training boasts a 345 VDC electric system built around a liquid-cooled in-house developed high-performance battery system with a total nominal capacity of 24.8kWh. Battery charging takes around 90 minutes from 35% to 95%, or around 2 hours for a full charge

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  1. Pipistrel went on to win the NASA Green Flight Challenge in 2011, and has produced nine different experimental and serially produced electric aircraft. (The Velis Electro is a certified successor of the Alpha Electro.) The Velis was conceived as part of Pipistrel's Velis Training System, designed to electrify flight training and reduce both carbon footprint and cost. The switch to electric.
  2. Editor's Note: The Pipistrel Panthera has been in the news of late because there's an Experimental version of it at the U.S. distributor.The plane is undergoing certification, which is nothing new. It's been a five-plus year progress. Here's a look at our flight report on this most intriguing airplane from one of the most innovative manufacturers in all of aviation
  3. g stops are listed below. Please note that the dates and locations are subject to change without notice. If you are interested in experiencing the Panthera up close at one of the remaining tour stops, fill out the form to the right, and a member of.
  4. Pipistrel and EASA have worked closely together to not only certify the aircraft but also create the airworthiness standards for electric aircraft. Pipistrel founder, CEO and visionary Ivo Boscarol. Ivo Boscarol, the enigmatic genius who is the CEO and founder of Pipistrel Aircraft said, The type certification of the Pipistrel Velis Electro is the first step towards the commercial use of.
  5. - Pipistrel Sinus 912 15m wingspan 80HP - Long Range Fuel Tanks x2 50ltr - Solid luggage container behind seat - Side door... More. Get Insurance Operating Costs Apply for Financing. 2004 PIPISTREL SINUS. Light Sport Aircraft 5. USD $60,000. Unsave Save. My Saved Listings Updated: Wed, Nov 18, 2020 10:36 AM. Get Financing as low as USD $474.16 / monthly* phone +52 462 264 4463. Email Seller.
  6. Stay informed on COVID-19 updates from EASA Read more Subscribe. Pipistrel Vertical Solutions d.o.o. Search. Type Displaying 3 items. This list displays content that is tagged with Pipistrel Vertical Solutions d.o.o. 15 Jun 2020. Type Certificate. EASA.A.573. Virus SW 121. Product type. Aircraft (CS-25, CS-22, CS-23, CS-VLA, CS-LSA) Manufacturer/TC Holder. Pipistrel Vertical Solutions d.o.o.

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  1. Pipistrel Earns First Electric Type Certificate from EASA . Posted By: Pipistrel - June 10 2020 . All Articles. After years of intensive research and several successful award-winning electric aircraft models developed since 2007, Pipistrel has today, June 10, achieved a breakthrough feat in aviation history, having type certified the battery powered Velis Electro. Working in tight.
  2. VIRUS SW 121 JE PRO VÁS Protože hledáte pokroková technologie Nejpokrokovější a nejdostupnější 2-místné EASA typově certifikované letadlo v LSA kategorii. Ideální pro pilotní výcvik i pro soukromé účely jako cestovní letadlo. Certifikováno pro NIGHT VFR Pohodlný interiér s dvojitým glas cocpitom, autopilotem, schválené pro Night VFR, úmyslné vývrtky, vlekanie.
  3. Die Pipistrel Panthera ist ein leichtes, hocheffizientes viersitziges Verbundflugzeug, das von Pipistrel aus Slowenien entwickelt wird. Die benzinbetriebene Version des Panthera soll mit 202 kn (374 km / h) über 1.000 nmi (1.852 km) mit einem Kraftstoffverbrauch von 10 US g / h (37 l / h) fahren. Es sind zwei weitere Versionen geplant, eine mit einem 145-kW-Hybrid-Stromversorgungssystem und.
  4. L'Agenzia dell'Unione Europea per la Sicurezza Aerea (EASA) ha annunciato di aver completato l'iter per la certificazione di un aereo elettrico, il Pipistrel Velis Electro, rilasciando la prima type certification al mondo per un aereo completamente elettrico e segnando così un'importante pietra miliare nella ricerca verso il trasporto aereo ecosostenibile

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Virus SW 80/100 Pipistrel Virus SW on luokkansa taloudellisin ja ehdottomasti nopein ylätasoinen ultrakevyt matkalentokone. Moderni komposiittirakenne, keveys ja vankkarakenteisuus tekevät Viruksesta hyvin kuormattavan. Virus SW on saatavissa ultrakevyenä tai EASA LSA-hyväksyttynä. 1 2 3 Suorituskyky NASA:n PAV-Challengen 2007 ja GAT Centennial Challengen 2008 voittojen jälkeen Virus SW. Pipistrel has been manufacturing aircraft since 1989 A pioneer in high technology More than 1,800 Pipistrel aircraft fly in 90 countries. Simple funding for flight schools • Pipistrel Virus SW 121 • 30% Down payment • 36 months guaranteed installments • Available immediately • Without complicated administratio L'EASA (Agence de la sécurité aérienne de l'Union européenne) a annoncé la certification d'un avion électrique, le Pipistrel Velis Electro. Cette certification est la première du type. Das Topmodell der Baureihe ist die Virus SW 121 LSA, eine Variante also, die bereits ihre EASA-Zertifizierung hat und mit praktisch allen Privilegien eines Flugzeugs der E-Klasse ausgestattet ist. Sogar der VFR-Nachtflug und die Schulung zum PPL - inklusive der Erlaubnis zum Trudeln - sind mit der Virus möglich

2020 PIPISTREL PANTHERA, Single Engine Piston, 2020 Pipistrel Panthera is simply the best light airport aircraft on the market. It's sleek T-Tail desi... USA Aircraft Brokers Inc Portland, OR - 202 mi. away . Email. USA Aircraft Brokers Inc Portland, OR - 202 mi. away . 6. No Price Listed Request Price. Call for price . 6. No Price Listed Request Price. Call for price . 2018 Pipistrel ALPHA. The Pipistrel Velis is the culmination of 13 years of electric aircraft development and the first to gain certification by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) on June 10. Pipistrel has been in the electric airplane business since 2007 when it announced the Taurus Electro motorglider , which entered service in 2011

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The Pipistrel Velis Electro is the world's first fully-electric aeroplane ever to receive type certification. The two-seater, intended primarily for pilot training, is a game-changing aircraft in terms of technological innovations and cost-efficiency. Its EASA certification paves the way for the future of environmenta Pipistrel Panthera Club. 712 likes. Для всех тех кто неровно дышит к самолетам Pipistrel Panthera. Будем рассказывать про самолет и про полеты на нем The aircraft manufacturer Pipistrel has received EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) type certification for the battery-powered Velis Electro. The two-seater, intended primarily for pilot training, is the world's first fully-electric airplane ever to receive type certification. The Slovenian startup emphasized that the Velis Electro is constructed in such a way that it is easy to. Je vybavený elektrickým motorom s certifikovaným typom Pipistrel E-811-268MVLC (TC č. EASA.E.234), vyvinutým s partnermi EMRAX a EMSISO, a trojstennou vrtuľou P-812-164-F3A s pevným rozstupom Pipistrel. Elektromotor chladený kvapalinou s výkonom 57,6 kW poskytuje energiu pre lietadlo

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Pipistrel Panthera. Saved by Steve Odle. Private Plane Private Jet Civil Aviation Aviation Art Light Sport Aircraft Airplane Design Performance Exhaust Aircraft Design Jet Plane. Pipistrel has learned much by bringing the Velis Electro to market and hopes its EASA certification will create good precedents for other applicants in the pipeline, Tomazic says. One key. The company has been working closely with the EASA to get the battery and engine certified. This certification is a new milestone in the development and implementation of fully electric aircraft into the aviation world. Pipistrel described this as the beginning of a new era. The Velis Electro delivers power instantly without input-lag Pipistrel d.o.o Ajdovščina [needs Slovenian IPA] a Pipistrel Panthera mockup received a serial hybrid-electric powertrain, ground testing a 200-kilowatt (270 hp) motor driven by batteries only, by a 100-kilowatt (130 hp) generator-only and by both combined. The Hypstair program is followed by Mahepa project from 2017, EU-funded over four years. Panthera ground testing is planned for 2019. The Panthera's electric engine gives the aircraft a 250-mile range, while the hybrid version extends it to 1,100 miles. Pipistrel The Velis Electro was the third in Pipstrel's electric lineup.

First customer’s Velis Electro rolls out of assembly linePipistrel Virus - program supplier guide | AirframerPipistrel obtained a microlight certification according toFLIGHT TEAM - Virus SW121 im Flight Simulator!Samolot elektryczny Velis Electro

The Pipistrel Velis Electro is a Slovenian light aircraft, designed and produced by Pipistrel of Ajdovščina.The aircraft was EASA CS-LSA fully electric type certified in June 2020 and it is intended primarily for the training aircraft role. The design is the first type certified electric aircraft and is supplied complete and ready-to-fly PIPISTREL VERTICAL SOLUTIONS d.o.o. Virus SW 121 Revision: Not applicable Correction: Not applicable Supersedure: None EASA have decided to issue a Final AD with Request for Comments, postponing the public consultation process until after publication. 3. Enquiries regarding this AD should be referred to the EASA Safety Information Section, Certification Directorate. E-mail: ADs[at]easa. EASA certifies Pipistrel Velis Electro Übermittelt vor 3 Monaten The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has certified Pipistrel's battery-powered Velis Electro trainer, the Slovenian manufacturer announced yesterday Another highlight is the Pipistrel Panthera, now heading for serial production. There have been more than 200 changes since the release of the first flying prototype. More leg room, head room and changed ergonomics are being meet with fantastic feedback and customers with pre-orders are now starting to get excited by the promised deliveries starting in May 2017. Crowds in front of the Panthera. Panthera (c) Pipistrel: Panthera (c) Pipistrel: Panthera (c) Pipistrel: Кабина Panthera (c) Pipistrel: Приборная панель Panthera (с) Pipistrel Список источников: Luxlux.net. Самолет Pipistrel Pantera: с грацией пантеры Pipistrel.si. Panthera Panthera-aircraft.com. Panthera: Уголок неба. 2018 (Страница: Дата. PIPISTREL PANTHERA. Panthera has been designed from the very beginning to be available with either electric motor, hybrid propulsion or petrol engine. The latter demands a decision for the type of fuel. Pipistrel decided for Mogas due to lower price and better availability than Avgas. The first choice of engine was the Lycoming IO-390, but we received the news that it will never be certified.

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